20100215_0760K-Style Seamless guttering :

TDM specialize in standard gutters for homes and businesses. K-Style guttering was developed many years ago and has since become the gold standard for water control systems. The gutter front has multiple curves and bends designed to provide strength under water weight and wind pressure. The gutter back is taller than the front, to force overflow water away from the structure rather than against the fascia and eaves. The lip is a double bend of metal, allowing for more strength in attaching to the structure. This material is coated with a baked enamel finish that should not need painting,  and is resistant to scratching and fading. If needed ,greater thickness of material can be obtained. Gutters come in 5 and 6 inch designs.

Cleanout services :

Over time, your gutters may fill with debris or shingle grit and will need to be cleaned out for proper operation. Many people find it uncomfortable to have to climb up high to handle this chore. Having all the proper and safe equipment,  TDM will provide you with a thorough cleaning at a reasonable price. We begin by blowing the roof and valleys clean, bag all the debris to be hauled away, and will perform routine maintenance such as checking slope and clearing downspouts for you .