timberline-ultra-hd_resizedRemoving old roofs is the best and most common choice people select when deciding to put on a new roof. One benefit of removing the old shingles is that we will be able to see if there is any bad plywood that needs to be replaced. We install drip edge and Wintergreen around the eaves of the roof and fiberglass felt on the reminder of the roof. TDM Construction uses the highest quality materials.  After the underlayment has been installed on your home, we then begin roofing the house with the color shingles you have chosen.  After installing the new shingles on your home, we then install shingle-covered ridge vent at the peak of your roof that helps vent the attic.

When selecting TDM as your roofing contractor we know that you trust us to install your new roofing system in a timely and cost-efficient manner, as well as leave your home and yard as clean as it was before we came.