Asphalt Crack Filler

HOME_157Our asphalt crack filler is second to none. We use a carbon steel broom to first scrub all the dirt from the surface around each crack. Then we blow them clean with a high-powered blower. Once the cracks are clean and dry, we fill them with our rubberized asphalt crack filler.

  • Great for commercial parking lots
  • Perfect for residential driveways

Keeping the cracks filled in your driveway or parking lot is very important. Open cracks allow water to penetrate the base material beneath your asphalt. This is the leading cause of spider cracking, potholes, and the overall degradation of your asphalt. Crack filling also helps grass and weeds from sprouting up through the cracks. Crack filling and seal coating go hand-in-hand to protect your asphalt for a long life and a fresh look.