904672_471947559601593_2829066722169627189_oAs with our commercial customers, TDM Construction uses only Sealmaster products on residential jobs. We also follow all of their guidelines for product formulation and application to ensure the longest life for your asphalt.

In addition to using the very best driveway sealer. TDM Construction goes a step further by adding two pounds of sand per gallon to give you the best traction possible.  We also add a hardening agent to help your sealer stand up to the toughest conditions.

In residential seal coating, broom application is used filling in small voids and hairline cracks. Prior to application, we will edge both sides of driveway to clean grass and vegetation from the asphalt. Driveways are cleaned using a carbon steal broom and high-powered commercial blower.

Petro Seal Primer is applied to any oil or gas soaked areas to ensure product adherence. Cold liquid crack filler is used to fill cracks 1/4 inch or wider. The end of your driveway is then masked off with tape so that when sealer is applied there is a clean edge at the end of your driveway.

At TDM, we treat your asphalt and respect your property as we do our own. We will carefully apply our product leaving walls, doors, down spouts and mailboxes as clean as we found them.

Contact TDM Construction today to see how hassle free we can maintain and improve your driveway.