Line Striping

slide4Line painting is beneficial for many reasons. It gives a fresh, bright look to your business and helps to guide patrons in their parking areas, as well as giving your handicapped customers better access.

Remember, your parking lot is the first impression customers, clients and tenants have on your facility. New or renewed asphalt line striping makes that impression a good one.  Crosswalks, stop bars, and arrows also help to keep your lot safe for pedestrians.

The need to repeat line painting varies depending on the amount of traffic and safety needs. Refer to your local town, municipality or city codes for recommended guidelines.

With TDM Construction, line striping is scheduled so as not to interfere with your customers or tenants. We are detail oriented and provide all of the following:

  • Line striping layouts are carefully measured and aligned before any line painting begins
  • Weeds and debris that might interfere with line painting are removed
  • Traffic cones and tape are used as needed to prevent traffic interference
  • Stencil work is done carefully, assuring crisp, bright line placement
  • No spills or spots are left behind

Well designed line striping improves parking lot traffic flow. It makes the best possible use of available square footage, and provides ease of parking for customers visiting your business or facility. Most importantly, a well striped lot provides a good impression and a safer environment for both vehicles and pedestrians.