Why Seal Your Asphalt

sealcoating monmouth middlesex county njSunlight (UV radiation) breaks down the asphalt, weakening it and loosening the top surface. You notice the first stages of this as your asphalt turns over time from black to gray. But the process continues as the surface loses it’s flexibility and begins to crack and break. Other culprits are oil and gas spills from the vehicles that park on your asphalt lot or driveway. Without an asphalt sealer, these chemicals help break down your driveway even faster.

If the asphalt has already begun to break apart, it’s too late for our services.  But we can repair cracks, restore that new, black surface, and protect our customer’s driveways and parking lots from UV degradation and chemical damage. Regular maintenance with Asphalt Seal Coating can double or triple the lifespan of your asphalt surface at far less cost than replacement.