restripe-parking-lot-speonk-nyWhen TDM meets your facilities manager, we work to customize our services for your needs, including scheduling application times. Our goal is to lessen the impact on your business and the inconvenience of your customers.

TDM Construction uses only Sealmaster products for commercial businesses.  Sealmaster is the industry leader in the production of high quality pavement maintenance equipment and supplies. In application, we rigorously follow all of Sealmaster’s guidelines for asphalt sealer. Unlike some other asphalt sealer services, TDM never alters formula recommendations, making sure to provide our customers with a longer wearing, non-slip aesthetic appearance.

Reapplication of the seal coating process is recommended every two to three years to maximize the life of your asphalt driveway. Contact TDM Construction today to see how we can maintain and improve your parking lots hassle free.