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Gutter Shapes

Posted on: October 1st, 2020 by admin

Last month we discussed the different materials used to make gutters.  This month we’re going to go over different shapes of gutters and all the parts of a gutter system.  This is an important time of year to stay current on your gutter cleaning.  If you need gutter cleaning in Sayreville, give us a call!  Have a Marlboro gutter cleaning job? We can do that too! If you are in Middlesex or Monmouth County, we are here to assist with your gutter cleaning needs.  No matter what shape or material your gutters are, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least twice a year.  Now that fall is upon us, be sure to call soon to get on our schedule.  Gutters will clog up quickly with leaves and tree debris.  In order for gutters to do their jobs appropriately, they need to remain free from detritus.

Styles of Gutters

The shape of your gutters is probably not something you’ve ever given any thought to.  That is pretty standard.  Many people will never have the occasion to pick out their gutters.  Most of us are purchasing homes that already have gutters.  Custom homes and restoration projects are the two most common circumstances where gutter shapes can be decided upon.  While the shape of your gutters may not be a huge factor, if you live in a very rainy environment, there are shapes that help to handle larger amounts of water more efficiently.


This style gutter is what people imagine in their minds when someone says gutters.  Many people assume the name of this gutter comes from its shape.  However, it actually is just the fact that this gutter is option “K” in the national association catalog.  People now refer to it as the K-style gutter. 

This style is decorative and resembles crown molding.  While very functional, the popularity of this style gutter lies in how they look.  They add a nice finished look to the exterior home just as molding does in your interior.

A K-style gutter is a great option for people who live in rainy areas.  They are able to carry larger amounts of water than a rounded style gutter.  They are also easy to customize.  Homeowners can select what material they would like their gutters made from. In addition, there is the capability of making them on-site so they fit the home perfectly.  With their high level of functionality and wide options for customization, it is easy to see why so many homes have k-style gutters.

Monmouth County gutter cleaning is necessary no matter what shape of gutter your home has. Picture shows white half round gutter on dark gray-blue house

Half Round

Historic homes and restoration projects often use this style gutter.  While not as decorative as the K-style, they are decorative in their own right.  This shape has a very specific style and do add a historic touch to a home or building. 

While beautiful in their own way, half round gutters carry less water than other shapes.  That being said, the water they do transport is dealt with very efficiently.  In addition, there is less corrosion over time.  This is due to the decreased amount of water held in this style of gutter.


They can also be made from a variety of materials.  This also allows them to be made in a wide range of colors.  Furthermore, half round gutters now come in a selection of decorative front faces.  There are single bead gutters which have only one rounded edge on the trough, double beads which have both the front and rear edges rounded, reverse bead where the front edge is rounded, but inward, and many other options.  None of these options influence efficiency and are purely a selection due to preference of visual aesthetic.


The last shape we’ll cover in this post is box style gutters.  These are essentially the original style of gutter.  Found on many historic buildings, they were used widely in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  One of the reasons they are not used any longer is that they are built using wood which is then covered in a thin metal sheet.  They do hold a very large capacity of rain water and are a great option for restoration projects.

The appeal of this style is that because they are made of wood, they often blend into the exterior of the building making them very visually appealing.  They are one of the most expensive options, installation does require a professional, and they do demand more care than other styles of gutters.

Ocean County Gutter Cleaning Frequency Depends on Things Other Than Style

Gutters need a certain amount of care no matter what style is installed on your home. Yes, particular styles may require more care than others, but each and every style of gutter requires care.  Whether you attempt to clean your gutters on your own or call us for help, be sure to do this at the very least twice a year. 

Middlesex County gutter cleaning reasons shows heavy rains in top half and fallen leaves covering ground in bottom halfIf it has been an exceptionally wet season, you may want to schedule your Monmouth County gutter cleaning simply to have your gutters inspected for wear and tear.  While gutters are meant to carry water, certain styles and materials are susceptible to corrosion due to water.  This is something you want to stay on top of because this can lead to leaks and damage.  The damage will not only be to your gutters, but to your home and landscape as well if your gutters begin to fail.

Also, if your property has a lot of trees, you will probably want to clean your gutters closer to four times a year, if not more.  Leaves and tree debris can clog up a gutter system in a matter of days or weeks.  If you let your gutters fill up and become blocked, you will very quickly regret it.  Not only does it make gutter cleaning in Middlesex County more difficult and, honestly, disgusting, it can lead directly to devastation to your home.

The more you stay on top of this chore, the easier it will be and your gutters will stay in great shape.  We not only clean your gutters thoroughly, out team will inspect them as well.  Our workers will look for signs of weaknesses, damage, wear and tear in order to fix these problems before they lead to larger issues.  If you think you are in need of gutter cleaning in Monmouth County or a gutter system inspection in Middlesex County, contact us today!