Gutter Materials for Every Home

Posted on: September 1st, 2020 by admin

Gutters are an element of your home that receive little to no attention.  From the style to the installation and maintenance, gutters are a very important overlooked aspect of your home. Generally speaking, little is known by the average homeowner how the style of gutter impacts their longevity and effectiveness.

Gutters can be constructed of a variety of materials. There are five common gutter materials we’ll cover here.   Each has its own set of good aspects and bad.  Ranging from aluminum to zinc, prices and durability vary widely.

gutter cleaning in Ocean County; triage of pictures showing gutters made of different materials


There is a range withing aluminum gutters depending on their thickness.  The thinner the gutter, the less expensive it is.  Less expensive isn’t always worth the price, however.  No matter your climate or budget, aluminum most likely has a solution that works.  It is a very common gutter material.  It resists rust, it comes in a variety of colors and can also be painted, and typically lasts up to 25 years.  The biggest downfall of aluminum is that it is subject to denting and bending which can completely negate the goal of the gutter.  This is a popular choice for DIY projects and can be found in most home improvement stores.


If aluminum is the most common material, copper is one of the least.  This is due highly to the price tag.  They can commonly cost up to five times what other gutters may cost.  If you can afford it though, copper is one of the most durable materials you can find to build a gutter.  While copper doesn’t rust, it does develop a lovely patina so there is no need to paint or alter the gutters in any way.  It can withstand extreme temperatures and may last up to 100 years!  Copper is a material that requires professional installation and welding which adds to its cost.


This is a very sturdy material in some respects, but one of the biggest drawbacks of steel gutters is their likelihood to rust.  When selecting steel gutters, you may have an option of galvanized or stainless. Stainless steel gutters will resist rust better that galvanized, but also cost a lot more.  Steel, like aluminum, can be modified with pain making them very customizable.  However, due to the weight, steel gutters are not right for every home or building.  They also require a professional to install them, but do hold up in weather conditions.  If you do opt for steel gutters, they come with an additional cost as well.  Due to their susceptibility of rusting, it is very important to have guards installed on them to avoid large masses of wet leaves.  No matter how often you have gutter cleaning in Ocean County done whether you call us to do it or you do it yourself, soggy leaves and debris hasten the rusting process.  So, unless you want to clean your gutters monthly or even more, we don’t recommend steel gutters.


One of the least expensive options, vinyl is a popular choice for people who want to install their own gutters. Vinyl is very lightweight, can be customized with color, and won’t corrode or rust.  The biggest drawback of vinyl as a material for gutters is that it cannot withstand extreme heat or cold.  In those conditions, vinyl gutters will crack causing leaks which easily lead to damage to your home. Also, leaning a ladder up against them can crack this material easily. So, when you have vinyl gutters, it may be a good idea to call us to take care of your gutter cleaning in Monmouth County.


One of the rarest gutter materials, zinc is typically only used or found on high-end or historic homes and buildings.  One of the best qualities of using zinc is that they will last you almost a lifetime.  Zinc doesn’t rust, fade, or warp. That being said, salty air does tend to affect this material so it isn’t recommended for use in those areas. Therefore, you won’t find it in many places in Monmouth or Ocean County.  As far as looks, zinc, like copper, will develop a beautiful patina over time. For some people this is a plus.  For others, maybe not so much.

When it comes to gutter materials, there is a wide range. No matter what your budget, style preferences, or climate, there is a solution.  If you would like to discuss your gutters or need a professional inspection to check for damages, give us a call today!  We’ll treat your home as if was our own.

When it comes to gutter cleaning in Ocean County, gutter cleaning in Monmouth County, and gutter installation, TDM is there for you.

Be sure to check back next month when we discuss the different shapes of gutters!

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