Gutter Cleaning Facts and Myths

Posted on: May 12th, 2020 by admin

Middlesex county gutter cleaning, Monmouth county gutter cleaning, pair of red sneakers below words "Facts Myths" As a New Jersey homeowner, we’re sure you’ve had to deal with clogged gutters at some point in your home’s history.  Whether you have chosen to try to tackle this project yourself or hire a professional to do it, you are most likely aware that it is not as easy a job as people may assume.  There are many myths out there regarding gutter cleaning.  We’ll discuss some of them here, but if you have any questions about gutter cleaning in Middlesex or Monmouth County, give us a call anytime.  When you hire us to complete your gutter cleaning, you can be sure we do a thorough job from safety to clean-up.  We’ll make sure we leave your landscape and home in the same condition it was when we started.  The only difference is you’ll also have meticulously inspected and completely clean gutters!

Myth: Cleaning my gutters once a year is enough

Fact: Even if you don’t think your gutters are clogged, we recommend having your gutters cleaned and inspected at least twice a year.  If your home is surrounded by trees, it may be necessary for you to have it completed much more often.

Myth: Gutter cleaning is an easy task pretty much anybody can do

Fact: While the actual act of removing debris out of your gutters is simple enough, it is a task that requires a high level of safety for many reasons.  One, gutters are made of metal. If you are not wearing proper gloves you can easily get cut on a jagged edge.  Second, this task must be performed while standing on a ladder and handling a bucket or collection receptacle. Lastly, if your gutters are especially dirty, there is likely mold growth and animal feces in the gutters.  If you do not have appropriate safety gear such as gloves and safety goggles, you are putting your health at risk.

Myth: As long as my gutters aren’t hanging off my house, they’re fine

Fact: When you have a professional complete this job, they will thoroughly inspect your gutters for any damage or signs of a leak.  They will examine things like your fascia board for any signs of rotting indicating you may have a leak.  They will also look closely at all the joints of your gutters. The goal is to ensure they are still fully intact and there are no signs of leaking.  Even small leaks can lead to big problems if you have pooling water by the foundation of your home.

Myth: If I have gutter guards, I don’t need to have my gutters cleaned

Fact: Even with gutter guards, it is important to clean your gutters. While they do a good job of keeping out debris like sticks and leaves, other contaminants such as dirt, bugs, and pests may still be able to infest your gutters.  Having gutter guards does mean you may have to clean your gutters less often. However, it does not remove the necessity completely.

Myth: It’s not that big a deal if I don’t clean my gutters as soon as I see a problem

Fact: It is normally too late by the time that you are seeing evidence of your gutters being clogged. It is very important to clean your gutters immediately upon seeing signs of blockages.  The longer you wait to clean your gutters, the more clogged they will become.  This puts your home at risk of significant damage.  Clogged gutters allow water to remain in contact with your roof.  Prolonged water exposure will develop into a leak and may cause significant damage to your home.

If you are seeing puddles of water around the base of your home, it is imperative to have your gutters cleaned immediately.  Part of the job of gutters is to funnel water away from your home’s foundation. When you allow your gutters to remain clogged and create pools of water to sit by your foundation, it can lead to cracking.

Myth: Removing most of the big stuff is good enough

Fact: This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If you don’t thoroughly clean your gutters, you may be doing more damage than good.  By not completely cleaning out the gutters, flushing out your downspouts, inspecting the gutters for leaks, and making sure your downspouts are directing the water far enough away from your home, you could be causing more issues for your home. 

Gutter Cleaning is an Important Task for the Care of Your Home

We get it, gutter cleaning seems an easy chore that doesn’t require much skill.  We hope that we’ve convinced you that gutter cleaning is a very important task to complete often.  Plus, it is not as simple as it seems.  Gutters are a very unassuming part of your home, but they serve such an important purpose.  Neglecting their care can put your home at risk of significant and costly damage.

If you haven’t had a professional clean your gutters in a significant amount of time, give us a call today. We’ll get you scheduled for a thorough cleaning and inspection of your entire gutter system.  Whether you are unable to complete the task yourself or just simply don’t want to, contact us! We’ll take great care of your home.

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