Improper Asphalt Driveway Installation in Middlesex County Affects Driveways Lifetime

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Proper driveway installations greatly affect how that surface ages. There are many steps which means many points at which the job can go awry. This job is best done by a professional, experienced company. The driveway may begin to fail almost immediately if the job is not done in the right way. We can understand how frustrating that could be for a homeowner. With TDM, you can trust that our asphalt driveway installation in Middlesex County is second to none. Knowing exactly which product will work best for your job is the first important decision. There are many more to follow which is why improper asphalt driveway installation in Middlesex County greatly affects the lifetime of that driveway. A bad foundation leads to a shortened life of your driveway.

Types of Asphalt

There is a big difference between the asphalt mix we use for a driveway in comparison to an asphalt mix that would be used for a highway. It is dependent on a variety of factors. An experienced professional will know exactly which product to use for each specific job. A homeowner lacking enough knowledge on the subject may assume that the tougher, higher grade asphalt would make their driveway even more tough than a driveway grade asphalt. This would be incorrect. Each asphalt is mixed based on the use, application, environment, temperature during installation, and many more factors.

Hot Asphalt

A hot asphalt mix will include about 95% stone, sand, and gravel with the remaining 5% is asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is a petroleum product. Many people have seen hot asphalt being applied without knowing exactly what it was. What you see being installed on highways and interstates is hot asphalt. It is popular for busy roads because it cools quickly. After that, it can be driven on almost immediately after the product cools fully and is best used for highways, interstates, and heavily trafficked roads.

Cold Mix

Cold mix asphalt, as you misght suspect, does not require heating. The most common uses of this type of asphalt mix is for repairs like potholes, cracks, and patch jobs. While cold mix asphalt is good for small jobs or temporary repairs, this is not what one would use for a large-scale installation. It is not very strong. It is, therefore, best when used for what it is intended.

Porous Asphalt

Again, a very descriptive name for this mix, porous asphalt lets rainwater drain easily through the surface. It is popular for parking lots and is favorable because of its extended lifetime. This could be upwards of twenty years! Considering the amount of use and abuse parking lots are under, this is an enormous feat. In addition, this long lifetime makes this mix an economically smart decision. Other surfaces like sports surfaces and playground surfaces may also use this type of asphalt mix.

There’s More

Other types are quiet asphalt mixes, dense-grade mixtures, and perpetual pavement. Each type is ideal for certain situations. This is why it is important to contact a professional company that does asphalt driveway installation in Middlesex County.

Precise Asphalt Driveway Installation in Middlesex County is Key for Success

Without properly istallation, no asphalt surface is going to last nearly as long as it should.  This has to do with selection of product, proper compacting, and completing the job in the right weather. The possible failures that can arise from not using the correct asphalt driveway installation in Middlesex County are many.

Alligator Cracking

Also commonly referred to as failure cracking, this type of asphalt failure can be due to using the wrong substrate for the project. If the wrong base layer is used, there won’t be even load distribution making the entire surface extremely weak. Also, with too heavy of a load use, the substrate can begin to erode and breakdown which leads to cracked asphalt. Another reason for cracking is also related to improper installation and that is applying too thin a layer of pavement. The appropriate application of the correct product can defend against all of this.

Dips and Depressions

These dangerous surface failures are usually the result of improper compaction during the installation process. Again, this an easily avoided issue with professional, proper installation practices. These types of failures do not reach to the base layers. Instead, they work as basins where water will collect. If not repaired quickly, the build-up of debris will weaken the surface causing greater damage.


Normally, potholes are the end-stage result of an asphalt surface with alligator cracking that has not been repaired. Water easily seeps into cracks creating weakness. As more and more cracks appear, they will eventually join each other. Following that, chunks of asphalt will easily begin to break away. Then, every car that passes over makes these holes much worse. Without repair, potholes can cause damage to tires, cars, and also trips and falls.

Proper Asphalt Driveway Installation in Middlesex County is the Best Offense

All asphalt impairments should be fixed as soon as possible.  However, the easiest way to avoid early failure of your asphalt driveway or other asphalt surface is to have it done properly from the start. The best way to do this? Hire an experienced, professional team like ours! Just like a home’s ultimate safety hinges on the foundation, an asphalt surface is only as strong as the application. If you take a short cut or don’t select the right product or process, your asphalt will fail quickly. This is a great way to pay a lot more for your asphalt project. Instead, have it done right the first time! Contact us anytime to discuss your project.

Monmouth County Sealcoating Can Lengthen the Life of Your Driveway

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Asphalt is one of the most common materials used for residential driveways and commercial parking lots. While asphalt is a good choice for many reasons, there are still a few factors that can affect the longevity of your driveway or asphalt surface. From installation errors to environmental impacts, the only way to protect your asphalt is with sealcoating. Applying this every few years can help protect your driveway from the severity of some of these forces. Our crew is available for all your Monmouth County sealcoating needs. Be sure to call us today to find out more.

Main Environmental Impacts

There are a few natural forces that can impact your asphalt surface. Some can be deflected a bit with some work. However, all of the negative effects can be greatly reduced with an application of sealcoating every three to five years.


Monmouth County sealcoating can protect asphalt against pounding rain like picturedPrimarily water run-off. For example, if your downspout and/or splash block are not directing water away from your driveway, the constant flow can eventually wear away the asphalt in that area. In addition to this, asphalt itself is a porous substance. Meaning, it will absorb a certain amount of water when it rains or is cleaned.  This can eventually soften the base and cause cracks under pressure. Another effect that water has on asphalt is that it hardens the bitumen. Bitumen is the element that gives asphalt its elasticity. When the elasticity is gone, asphalt can get dry and brittle and crack easily.

Freezing and Thawing

An additional impact that water retention can have on an asphalt surface is a freeze and thaw cycle. This can exacerbate even the smallest cracks making them increasingly larger over time. You might notice that potholes can be more frequent and larger in colder weather. This is due to the constant freezing and thawing, expanding and contracting, which creates cracks. These cracks lead to potholes. Small cracks and imperfections can be fixed and repaired. However, when you do not address them or the cause of them, they will become too severe for patching. At this point, the whole surface will need to be completely reconstructed.

Monmouth County Sealcoating Can Protect Against Sun Damage

Monmouth County selacoating protects against oxidation which leads to dry, gray colored, crakced asphaltMost driveways and asphalt surfaces are uncovered. Most do not have roofs or awnings to protect them from the damaging sun rays. Daily exposure to the sun can dry out the bitumen, similar to water exposure. Oxidation from the UV rays turns asphalt brittle. It is easy to see this process in action because oxidized bitumen turns asphalt gray. This means that any asphalt surface that has a faded appearance has already suffered the effects of sun damage.

Other Factors That Can Damage Your Asphalt

While the environment plays a huge factor in an asphalt surfaces longevity because there is little you can do to stop them. You can merely protect against them. However, there are other influences that can negatively impact your surface and make repairs and replacement a necessity.

Improper Installation

This can range from using the wrong grade of asphalt for the job or just simply doing a poor job at installing it. There are different grades of asphalt mixes for different uses. The mix used for a driveway, for example, will not hold up to the same use and weight as the mix used for an industrial parking lot.

Vehicles and Heavy Loads

There is typically a certain way you pull in and out of your driveway. This repetitive motion day after day can weaken that track in the asphalt causing sinking and ruts. In addition, asphalt can soften in the areas in contact with the tires when a vehicle is parked. This is particularly true in hot weather. High temperatures can soften asphalt making it vulnerable to distortion.


Monmouth County sealcoating protects against oil spills like shown on yellow lined parking spaceLiquids like petroleum and oil can cause asphalt to disintegrate. Just as water and oxidation can dry out the bitumen causing brittle asphalt, chemicals can cause similar damage. Luckily, this is an item that you can take steps to prevent. For one, it is imperative to clean up any spills on the asphalt. The clean-up process depends on the material spilled so be sure to check with the manufacturer on proper clean-up protocol. The longer a chemical is allowed to sit on the surface of the asphalt, the deeper it will begin to seep. The deeper the chemical gets, the deeper the damage goes as well. Second, if a leak is noticed in a vehicle, get it fixed immediately or park on something to protect your driveway from further damage. Lastly, the best way to protect against chemicals, and all negative forces is to sealcoat your asphalt surface.

Monmouth County Sealcoating is Here to Save the Asphalt

Sealcoating asphalt can protect the integrity of the surface for much longer than unprotected asphalt. It does as just what its name implies. It provides a sealant and coating to form a protective barrier against the harmful forces we just reviewed. Applying sealcoating every two to five years is recommended, depending on grade, usage, and exposure. This can be a laborious, difficult, and messy process. Plus, just like asphalt, sealcoating has different grades. Using the incorrect one could do more harm than good. When your asphalt is ready for a new protective layer, give us a call.

Parts of a Gutter System

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Gutters seem simple enough, but they are in fact pretty intricate.  They have many parts that all serve a specific purpose. If just one part of your gutter is faulty, your home is at risk of water damage.  While cleaning out your gutters gives you a chance to examine your gutters, if you don’t know exactly what to look for, you may miss some red flags.  If you are in Middlesex or Monmouth counties and need gutter cleaning services, give us a call today!

Every Part is Important

Each and every piece of your gutter is important to maintain the integrity of the entire system.  Just as a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, a gutter system is only effective if the whole system remains intact. There are certain materials that can be used to make seamless gutters. These gutters are custom fitted right onto your home the day of installation. This type of gutter doesn’t have seams or sections which eliminates many weak points.  There is much less chance of having any leaking with limited amounts of joints and seams.

Each part of any gutter system serves a specific purpose.  Put all together, the goal of gutters is to collect, move, and eliminate water damage to your home. Neglecting the care and maintenance of your gutters puts your home and landscape at risk.  One small leak can set off a chain reaction that can ultimately result in major damage to your home such as cracks in your foundation.

End Cap

This is the part that closes off an end of any gutter trough in order to keep water in the gutter. In order to be effective, this portion is shaped exactly the same as your gutter and is made of the same material.

Gutter cleaning in South River, underside picture of pale yellow gutter on pale yellow house with a blue sky background with clouds


The item that joins each section of gutter together is very important.  Any rusting, denting, or damage done to these parts can cause immediate gutter failure.  It is important whenever performing gutter cleaning in South River to ensure that all the connections are damage free and fully intact.

Gutter Hanger / Bracket

These are very important as these are what keeps your gutter attached to your house.  If one of these breaks, your gutter could begin to pull away from your roof rendering your gutters useless.  Similarly, a downspout strap is what holds the downspout to the wall.

Drop Outlet / Gutter Drop

This portion of the gutter is where the trough connects to and meets the downspout.  This allows the water to remain contained in the gutter protecting your home and landscape.


The vertical portion of the gutter system that effectively directs water away from your roof and to the ground. An important part of gutter cleaning in Monroe is to ensure that water flows freely through the downspout upon completion of the job.

Ledge Jumper

Gutter cleaning in Monroe, white gutter downspout and elbow on blue house

If your home has a ledge or portion that sticks out farther than other sections of your home, your gutter has a ledge jumper.  It allows the gutter to continue vertically over this pitch change without putting stress on the downspout.


This item is used whenever the downspout needs to change direction.  One example of an elbow can be found at the bottom of the downspout to direct the flow of water away from your foundation instead of directly down in front of it.

Splash Block

This piece sits below the downspout and helps to eliminate damage to your landscape from erosion.  The water leaving the downspout can cause erosion because of splashing and flow depending on the force of the water.

Yearly Inspections Keep Your Gutters in Top Shape

Gutter cleaning in Middlesex County results shown by picture of clean gutters with newly installed metal mesh gutter guards

Gutters and their maintenance often get overlooked by homeowners.  This can be dangerous as non-functional gutters can directly impact the security of your home. We understand that cleaning out your gutters can seem simple enough. However, to do it thoroughly and correctly, it does require a lot of attention.  It is not simply just removing clumps of leaves from your gutters.  Gutter cleaning in Middlesex County should include an inspection of each piece of your gutter.  If your gutters are in need of a cleaning as so many are this time of year, call us today to get on the schedule! 



Thanks for reading!  Come back next month for more in-depth information on just some of the services we provide!

Gutter Shapes

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Last month we discussed the different materials used to make gutters.  This month we’re going to go over different shapes of gutters and all the parts of a gutter system.  This is an important time of year to stay current on your gutter cleaning.  If you need gutter cleaning in Sayreville, give us a call!  Have a Marlboro gutter cleaning job? We can do that too! If you are in Middlesex or Monmouth County, we are here to assist with your gutter cleaning needs.  No matter what shape or material your gutters are, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least twice a year.  Now that fall is upon us, be sure to call soon to get on our schedule.  Gutters will clog up quickly with leaves and tree debris.  In order for gutters to do their jobs appropriately, they need to remain free from detritus.

Styles of Gutters

The shape of your gutters is probably not something you’ve ever given any thought to.  That is pretty standard.  Many people will never have the occasion to pick out their gutters.  Most of us are purchasing homes that already have gutters.  Custom homes and restoration projects are the two most common circumstances where gutter shapes can be decided upon.  While the shape of your gutters may not be a huge factor, if you live in a very rainy environment, there are shapes that help to handle larger amounts of water more efficiently.


This style gutter is what people imagine in their minds when someone says gutters.  Many people assume the name of this gutter comes from its shape.  However, it actually is just the fact that this gutter is option “K” in the national association catalog.  People now refer to it as the K-style gutter. 

This style is decorative and resembles crown molding.  While very functional, the popularity of this style gutter lies in how they look.  They add a nice finished look to the exterior home just as molding does in your interior.

A K-style gutter is a great option for people who live in rainy areas.  They are able to carry larger amounts of water than a rounded style gutter.  They are also easy to customize.  Homeowners can select what material they would like their gutters made from. In addition, there is the capability of making them on-site so they fit the home perfectly.  With their high level of functionality and wide options for customization, it is easy to see why so many homes have k-style gutters.

Monmouth County gutter cleaning is necessary no matter what shape of gutter your home has. Picture shows white half round gutter on dark gray-blue house

Half Round

Historic homes and restoration projects often use this style gutter.  While not as decorative as the K-style, they are decorative in their own right.  This shape has a very specific style and do add a historic touch to a home or building. 

While beautiful in their own way, half round gutters carry less water than other shapes.  That being said, the water they do transport is dealt with very efficiently.  In addition, there is less corrosion over time.  This is due to the decreased amount of water held in this style of gutter.


They can also be made from a variety of materials.  This also allows them to be made in a wide range of colors.  Furthermore, half round gutters now come in a selection of decorative front faces.  There are single bead gutters which have only one rounded edge on the trough, double beads which have both the front and rear edges rounded, reverse bead where the front edge is rounded, but inward, and many other options.  None of these options influence efficiency and are purely a selection due to preference of visual aesthetic.


The last shape we’ll cover in this post is box style gutters.  These are essentially the original style of gutter.  Found on many historic buildings, they were used widely in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  One of the reasons they are not used any longer is that they are built using wood which is then covered in a thin metal sheet.  They do hold a very large capacity of rain water and are a great option for restoration projects.

The appeal of this style is that because they are made of wood, they often blend into the exterior of the building making them very visually appealing.  They are one of the most expensive options, installation does require a professional, and they do demand more care than other styles of gutters.

Ocean County Gutter Cleaning Frequency Depends on Things Other Than Style

Gutters need a certain amount of care no matter what style is installed on your home. Yes, particular styles may require more care than others, but each and every style of gutter requires care.  Whether you attempt to clean your gutters on your own or call us for help, be sure to do this at the very least twice a year. 

Middlesex County gutter cleaning reasons shows heavy rains in top half and fallen leaves covering ground in bottom halfIf it has been an exceptionally wet season, you may want to schedule your Monmouth County gutter cleaning simply to have your gutters inspected for wear and tear.  While gutters are meant to carry water, certain styles and materials are susceptible to corrosion due to water.  This is something you want to stay on top of because this can lead to leaks and damage.  The damage will not only be to your gutters, but to your home and landscape as well if your gutters begin to fail.

Also, if your property has a lot of trees, you will probably want to clean your gutters closer to four times a year, if not more.  Leaves and tree debris can clog up a gutter system in a matter of days or weeks.  If you let your gutters fill up and become blocked, you will very quickly regret it.  Not only does it make gutter cleaning in Middlesex County more difficult and, honestly, disgusting, it can lead directly to devastation to your home.

The more you stay on top of this chore, the easier it will be and your gutters will stay in great shape.  We not only clean your gutters thoroughly, out team will inspect them as well.  Our workers will look for signs of weaknesses, damage, wear and tear in order to fix these problems before they lead to larger issues.  If you think you are in need of gutter cleaning in Monmouth County or a gutter system inspection in Middlesex County, contact us today!

Gutter Materials for Every Home

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Gutters are an element of your home that receive little to no attention.  From the style to the installation and maintenance, gutters are a very important overlooked aspect of your home. Generally speaking, little is known by the average homeowner how the style of gutter impacts their longevity and effectiveness.

Gutters can be constructed of a variety of materials. There are five common gutter materials we’ll cover here.   Each has its own set of good aspects and bad.  Ranging from aluminum to zinc, prices and durability vary widely.

gutter cleaning in Ocean County; triage of pictures showing gutters made of different materials


There is a range withing aluminum gutters depending on their thickness.  The thinner the gutter, the less expensive it is.  Less expensive isn’t always worth the price, however.  No matter your climate or budget, aluminum most likely has a solution that works.  It is a very common gutter material.  It resists rust, it comes in a variety of colors and can also be painted, and typically lasts up to 25 years.  The biggest downfall of aluminum is that it is subject to denting and bending which can completely negate the goal of the gutter.  This is a popular choice for DIY projects and can be found in most home improvement stores.


If aluminum is the most common material, copper is one of the least.  This is due highly to the price tag.  They can commonly cost up to five times what other gutters may cost.  If you can afford it though, copper is one of the most durable materials you can find to build a gutter.  While copper doesn’t rust, it does develop a lovely patina so there is no need to paint or alter the gutters in any way.  It can withstand extreme temperatures and may last up to 100 years!  Copper is a material that requires professional installation and welding which adds to its cost.


This is a very sturdy material in some respects, but one of the biggest drawbacks of steel gutters is their likelihood to rust.  When selecting steel gutters, you may have an option of galvanized or stainless. Stainless steel gutters will resist rust better that galvanized, but also cost a lot more.  Steel, like aluminum, can be modified with pain making them very customizable.  However, due to the weight, steel gutters are not right for every home or building.  They also require a professional to install them, but do hold up in weather conditions.  If you do opt for steel gutters, they come with an additional cost as well.  Due to their susceptibility of rusting, it is very important to have guards installed on them to avoid large masses of wet leaves.  No matter how often you have gutter cleaning in Ocean County done whether you call us to do it or you do it yourself, soggy leaves and debris hasten the rusting process.  So, unless you want to clean your gutters monthly or even more, we don’t recommend steel gutters.


One of the least expensive options, vinyl is a popular choice for people who want to install their own gutters. Vinyl is very lightweight, can be customized with color, and won’t corrode or rust.  The biggest drawback of vinyl as a material for gutters is that it cannot withstand extreme heat or cold.  In those conditions, vinyl gutters will crack causing leaks which easily lead to damage to your home. Also, leaning a ladder up against them can crack this material easily. So, when you have vinyl gutters, it may be a good idea to call us to take care of your gutter cleaning in Monmouth County.


One of the rarest gutter materials, zinc is typically only used or found on high-end or historic homes and buildings.  One of the best qualities of using zinc is that they will last you almost a lifetime.  Zinc doesn’t rust, fade, or warp. That being said, salty air does tend to affect this material so it isn’t recommended for use in those areas. Therefore, you won’t find it in many places in Monmouth or Ocean County.  As far as looks, zinc, like copper, will develop a beautiful patina over time. For some people this is a plus.  For others, maybe not so much.

When it comes to gutter materials, there is a wide range. No matter what your budget, style preferences, or climate, there is a solution.  If you would like to discuss your gutters or need a professional inspection to check for damages, give us a call today!  We’ll treat your home as if was our own.

When it comes to gutter cleaning in Ocean County, gutter cleaning in Monmouth County, and gutter installation, TDM is there for you.

Be sure to check back next month when we discuss the different shapes of gutters!

Why Do Gutters Need Cleaning, Part 2

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Gutter cleaning in Monmouth County

Last month, we covered a few risks of not neglecting gutter cleaning.  This month we’ll take a look at some other problems that can arise if you neglect gutter cleaning.  Last month, we learned that clogged gutters can lead to roof damage, foundation damage, and trouble in your landscape.  This month we’ll discuss further why it is so important to have a professional team perform gutter cleaning in Monmouth County. 


This is a bit of a continuation from last month.  When your gutters are clogged and are unable to divert water away from your roof, lots of damage can occur to your roof and its parts.  Both gutters and your roof are designed to provide protection to your home. That protection is weakened when either or both sustain damage.  If you do end up with a leak in your roof and it goes unnoticed, that can turn into a major disaster.  A full roof collapse could be possible if you don’t perform this general maintenance task as needed based on your environment.  Depending on where you are, gutter cleaning in Monmouth County could need to be done every few months.  


When you neglect clearing your gutters of debris, not only does water cause issues above your home, it can lead to problems below also.  When the water isn’t led away from your foundation, flooding can occur in your landscape and cause foundation issues.  But what can also happen is a leak in your basement.  When the water is allowed to seep deep into your landscape and remain in contact with your basement walls, deterioration can happen.  As with your roof, any deterioration in an exterior wall can lead to water being able to enter your home.  Anytime moisture is in a place it shouldn’t be, mold and mildew won’t be far behind. These can cause serious health issues.  If you haven’t had your gutter cleaning in Ocean County done recently, give us a call. 

Hardscape Problems

We covered problems that can happen to your landscape if you don’t clean your gutters last month.  The extension of that is that clogged gutters can also ruin your hardscape installations.  Cracks, holes, and shifting can all occur to your driveway and walkway. You might be saying to yourself “So what?”  Any damage that happens to your hardscaping puts you and visitors to your home at risk of tripping, slipping, and falling.  How many times have you tripped on an uneven sidewalk? When gutters are unable to direct water away from vulnerable areas of your home, pooling and flooding happen under and on top of your hardscaping elements of your home. Not only can trips and falls happen, but if it is colder outside, ice build-up can really put y

our family and also your vehicle at risk of some major risks.  On the flip side, in warmer weather, algae and moss can also cling to moist surfaces and are slippery and dangerous.


One of the last problems that you can experience with clogged gutters is pest, insect, and rodent infestations.  A build-up of dirt, debris, and leaves make an ideal home for many pests.  Insects like bees and wasps, rodents, and other pests like mosquitoes will think nothing of moving into your gutters. Once you have mosquitoes, you’ll start collecting things that eat mosquitoes.  Then, up the food chain you go.  Termites will also be attracted to clogged gutters and no one wants them anywhere near their home.

Gutter Cleaning in Monmouth and Ocean Counties is Important for Safety

Neglecting gutter cleaning is not only dangerous for your home.  It also is a risk for you and your families and visitor’s personal safety.  From allergies due to mold and mildew, leaks in your roof, floods in your basement, and trips and falls, clogged gutters can be a real pain.

We hope to be adding a lot more articles on home maintenance and other services that we perform.  Be sure to check back here often!

Why Do Gutters Need Cleaning

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Gutters are one part of the home that homeowners like to neglect.  Even though gutters are a vital part of the security team for your home, people tend to forget all about them.  This can be a dangerous mindset.  If gutters were not that important, they would not be installed on almost every home.  Their job is a crucial one.  They carry water off of your roof, away from your home and your foundation.  The reason it is so important to keep your gutters clean is because a blocked gutter is an ineffective one.  And an ineffective gutter puts your home at risk of some major damage.

Gutter Cleaning Freehold, Gutter Cleaning East Brunsick, Back of green sided home with clean white gutters over patio with table, chairs, and grill

Roof Damage

When gutters are not maintained well, they can become blocked.  Things such as leaves and other tree castoffs, asphalt debris from shingles, and general dirt, mold, and mildew can all contribute to clogged gutters.  If the gutters get so dirty that water can no longer flow freely, the water will reach heights in the trough that it shouldn’t.  When water can’t be removed, the constant exposure to moisture can quickly lead to rotting and leaks. 

Secondly, the extra weight of the water and the debris in the gutters can cause damage to soffits and fascia.  The damage that occurs with this is normally cracks and holes.  This can obviously allow water to get into your home and cause major water damage.

One last way that unclean gutters that don’t remove water from your roof is early failure of your shingles.  Any shingles that are closest to your gutters that are allowing water to sit in the troughs are going to get water logged.  This will cause deterioration of the shingle whose job it is to protect your roof. When those shingles fail, leaks are right around the corner.

Foundation Damage

Besides protecting your roof and home from leaks and water damage, gutters also protect your foundation.  By directing water into your downspouts, it removes a majority of the water to an area away from your foundation.  The reason for this is because pooling water around your foundation can cause shifting.  The result of this shifting can be cracks in your foundation.  The most serious type of crack in our foundation is a horizontal crack.  If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in a while, you might want to take a look at your foundation and make sure it’s free of any damage.

Landscape Erosion

This is certainly a case of too much of a good thing. As gutters fill up with castoff and water is unable to flow through the system, the rain water flows over the outer edge.  This causes a waterfall that pounds onto your landscape.  From washing away a protective layer of mulch from your garden to flooding of your lawn and gardens, clogged gutters can really wreak havoc on your curb appeal.   

This is Just the Beginning

This article has only just skimmed the surface of damages your home can sustain if you neglect to clean your gutters.  Be sure the check back because we’ll cover some other risk factors of not having your gutters cleaned.  No matter if you need gutter cleaning in East Brunswick or Freehold, we can help you keep your gutters in tip-top shape. By giving your gutters the care they need, you are protecting your home from major damages.  If gutters weren’t important, homes wouldn’t have them. Let us help you care for your home by scheduling your gutter cleaning today!

Gutter Cleaning Facts and Myths

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Middlesex county gutter cleaning, Monmouth county gutter cleaning, pair of red sneakers below words "Facts Myths" As a New Jersey homeowner, we’re sure you’ve had to deal with clogged gutters at some point in your home’s history.  Whether you have chosen to try to tackle this project yourself or hire a professional to do it, you are most likely aware that it is not as easy a job as people may assume.  There are many myths out there regarding gutter cleaning.  We’ll discuss some of them here, but if you have any questions about gutter cleaning in Middlesex or Monmouth County, give us a call anytime.  When you hire us to complete your gutter cleaning, you can be sure we do a thorough job from safety to clean-up.  We’ll make sure we leave your landscape and home in the same condition it was when we started.  The only difference is you’ll also have meticulously inspected and completely clean gutters!

Myth: Cleaning my gutters once a year is enough

Fact: Even if you don’t think your gutters are clogged, we recommend having your gutters cleaned and inspected at least twice a year.  If your home is surrounded by trees, it may be necessary for you to have it completed much more often.

Myth: Gutter cleaning is an easy task pretty much anybody can do

Fact: While the actual act of removing debris out of your gutters is simple enough, it is a task that requires a high level of safety for many reasons.  One, gutters are made of metal. If you are not wearing proper gloves you can easily get cut on a jagged edge.  Second, this task must be performed while standing on a ladder and handling a bucket or collection receptacle. Lastly, if your gutters are especially dirty, there is likely mold growth and animal feces in the gutters.  If you do not have appropriate safety gear such as gloves and safety goggles, you are putting your health at risk.

Myth: As long as my gutters aren’t hanging off my house, they’re fine

Fact: When you have a professional complete this job, they will thoroughly inspect your gutters for any damage or signs of a leak.  They will examine things like your fascia board for any signs of rotting indicating you may have a leak.  They will also look closely at all the joints of your gutters. The goal is to ensure they are still fully intact and there are no signs of leaking.  Even small leaks can lead to big problems if you have pooling water by the foundation of your home.

Myth: If I have gutter guards, I don’t need to have my gutters cleaned

Fact: Even with gutter guards, it is important to clean your gutters. While they do a good job of keeping out debris like sticks and leaves, other contaminants such as dirt, bugs, and pests may still be able to infest your gutters.  Having gutter guards does mean you may have to clean your gutters less often. However, it does not remove the necessity completely.

Myth: It’s not that big a deal if I don’t clean my gutters as soon as I see a problem

Fact: It is normally too late by the time that you are seeing evidence of your gutters being clogged. It is very important to clean your gutters immediately upon seeing signs of blockages.  The longer you wait to clean your gutters, the more clogged they will become.  This puts your home at risk of significant damage.  Clogged gutters allow water to remain in contact with your roof.  Prolonged water exposure will develop into a leak and may cause significant damage to your home.

If you are seeing puddles of water around the base of your home, it is imperative to have your gutters cleaned immediately.  Part of the job of gutters is to funnel water away from your home’s foundation. When you allow your gutters to remain clogged and create pools of water to sit by your foundation, it can lead to cracking.

Myth: Removing most of the big stuff is good enough

Fact: This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If you don’t thoroughly clean your gutters, you may be doing more damage than good.  By not completely cleaning out the gutters, flushing out your downspouts, inspecting the gutters for leaks, and making sure your downspouts are directing the water far enough away from your home, you could be causing more issues for your home. 

Gutter Cleaning is an Important Task for the Care of Your Home

We get it, gutter cleaning seems an easy chore that doesn’t require much skill.  We hope that we’ve convinced you that gutter cleaning is a very important task to complete often.  Plus, it is not as simple as it seems.  Gutters are a very unassuming part of your home, but they serve such an important purpose.  Neglecting their care can put your home at risk of significant and costly damage.

If you haven’t had a professional clean your gutters in a significant amount of time, give us a call today. We’ll get you scheduled for a thorough cleaning and inspection of your entire gutter system.  Whether you are unable to complete the task yourself or just simply don’t want to, contact us! We’ll take great care of your home.